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Fishing license

Fishing licenses are sold max four every day. Reserve your fishing license beforehand by calling.

On summertime fishing starts on 12:00 and ends on next day at 11:00. On winter and spring season (1.12 - 31.4) fishing time is 08:00 - 08:00

Note. Additional to sold licenses stakeholders are allowed to fish anytime.

  Over 16 years old Under 16 years old
Summertime (1.5-31.8) 40€ 10€
Winter/Spring (1.12-31.4) 30€ 10€

Note that also National Fisheries Management Fee is needed. Read more and buy.

Daily bag limit is single (1) fish (trout, grayling or whitefish) / day

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Fishing rules

  • Use only barbless single hook.
  • Braided fiber line usage is forbidden.
  • Living bait usage is not allowed.
  • When using boat it is not allowed to use motor or anchorage
  • It's recommended to use knotless net
  • Fishing will be suspended if water temperature raises above 20 degrees Celcius

Legal length of fishes

  • Trout with adipose fin cut off 60cm 
natural trouts are protected

Graylings and natural trouts with adipose fin are protected and should be released immediately!

Close season and wading limitations

  • All fishing is forbidden 1.9. - 30.11
  • Wading is forbidden 1.9. - 31.5.

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